Debug Command line

I’m new to Komodo and Perl and would like sometimes use debugger command line, namely R restart.
Is this possible?

Hi @wblake,

Unless you’re on a Unix system this isn’t something you’re going to be able to do in Komodo. On Linux or Mac you could use Command Output tab to interact with a shell where you could in theory kick off and interact with a command line debugger. View menu > tabs and sidebars > Command Output

Though I gotta say I find it odd to asked to use a terminal debugger in an IDE that has a graphical one. I guess the graphical debugger is missing a feature you like?

Hi caryh,
Thanks for your reply. I can probably get along fine in Komodo without a debug console by using the shortcuts “cheat sheet” referenced in a prior “HowTo” thread. I would indeed appreciate an equivalent to the Perl Debugger R command for restart debug session if it exists in Komodo. I have previously seen mixture of GUI and command line debugging for GDB and IntelliJ.

Morning @wblake,

I’m not 100% sure what exactly it is you want to do as I don’t know what Perl Debugger R’s features might be or anything else you’ve mentioned unfortunately. If you could describe what you want to do I can probably telly you how to do it in Komodo.

If all you want to do is “restart” a debug session, you do that by pressing F5. There are key bindings for all the debugger abilities. You can preview them in Help menu > Key bindings.

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Hello CareyH,
Thanks for your help. Using the as a reference,
I would like the Komodo equivalent to the Perl Debugger R command “restart”:

Restart the debugger by exec()ing a new session. We try to maintain your history across this, but internal settings and command-line options may be lost.

The following setting are currently preserved: history, breakpoints, actions, debugger options, and the Perl command-line options -w, -I, and -e.

Using F5 as you suggest appears to correspond to the Perl Debugger equivalent of c “Continue”

Continue, optionally inserting a one-time-only breakpoint at the specified line or subroutine.

Perhaps what I need is a combination of Komodo’s Stop -Shift+F5, and then Start without the options dialog- Ctl+F5.

Thanks again.


Thanks for clarifying @wblake. Yes, the key combination you said would do the trick.