Database Explorer ideas

I know Komodo is not a database, version control or FTP client, but, I think these features make it very useful, so I would like to make them better.

Database explorer it’s amazing, well, there are some bugs yet, but it’s ok, what it needs is more ways to make it works with our code, these are some ideas :slight_smile:

Drag and drop or double click to quickly put a database name, table name or field name in code

Autocomplete when writting dot to show tables inside a database or fields inside a table

Select and excecute a query in database explorer using any keybinding shortcut

I hope you like these ideas :smiley: , the most of them are from any database client.

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I’d like the second option, code intel based on a database schema. I think that would be awesome though I don’t know how many people are writing SQL statements in Komodo. I rather this over clicking the item in the DB explorer to insert the table/col name into the file.

The third idea would be cool too.

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