Dark or Light color schemes, what is your preference?

Please take the poll - http://goo.gl/forms/XZRs1gkVb5

This will help us decide on a sensible default for Komodo 9.

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The dark schemes seem to be the clear favorite. Now to narrow it down further, please choose your favorite scheme: http://goo.gl/forms/JuIjUAJkpF

Ehh… I hate dark color schemes because when you switch from Komodo to komodoide.com forums (or any another site with bright colors in the UI) - it’s feels like you start looking at The Sun.

You can of course still switch to whatever scheme you prefer, this is just for setting the default.

Yes, I know it. It was strange If I mightn’t do that :smiley:

I responded, but wanted to provide a bit more feedback here (given the structure of the two polls). What I prefer and what I use might not be the same thing for the majority of my use: light in the area where I am working typically dictates my choice. In my work area, for instance, I have a fair amount of glare based on proximity to windows and find that a lighter skin and color scheme (but definitely not white) make a significant difference in eye strain and fatigue. For my early morning sessions at home, in a fairly dark setting, I definitely go with at least a dark scheme (I don’t typically switch themes/skins) for much the same reason.

I would love to see some sort of “profile” capability, where I could easily toggle between a set of preferences. At work, my laptop is connected to a pair of large reasonably high-res monitors, so in addition to dealing with light and its impact on color scheme choice, I use a smaller font size. The ability toggle between these two (maybe more?) groups of preference settings would be a great addition, but I also recognize that I may be out past “edge case” in that.

(Having just written that, now I’m wondering if user preferences can be manipulated by macros? Hmm…)

DARK! Always and forever. It’s more soothing. Edit* Like Monokai Dark.

What type of Dark? Something like Abyss and Default_Dark or something like Ocean_Dark and Spacemodo/Oceamodo? (no difference between these skins)
Because I prefer Oceamodo and Ocean_Dark - I think it’s not too bright but not too dark :slight_smile:

Your eyes doesn’t feel it?

Definitely… When I switch to any other app ( which is white screen madness ) it’s blinding white.

By the way… Are there rules regarding color schemes between products? For example you have Coda, which has a color scheme like this:

I know I can create my own color scheme, but wondering if it was possible to get something like Coda’s scheme into Komodo?

However if there’s some unwritten industry rule then I totally understand.

I’m not sure that I understand you right, but…
You can write your own converter by looking at how looks Coda schemes and how looks Komodo schemes and just writing some code (maybe Regular Expressions :smile:)
But if you mean using Coda schemes in Komodo - I think it’s not possible.

I hate this color scheme. It’s hard to read something in pink color for me :frowning:

You absolutely can! And I would recommend you do if you feel a need for that as it’s a very specific use-case that we aren’t likely to support natively.

^ That should give you all the info you need.

For the purpose of this poll we’re not getting too specific. Also - Oceamodo is the same as Spacemodo? Then why did you create it? If it just fixes stuff in Spacemodo make a pull request …

No, there is no unwritten rule, many users just port themes manually. However there are projects like this one that strive to have their schemes generated for all editors: https://github.com/chriskempson/base16-builder


It’s doesn’t has Grey version, but has more cleaner source and adapted to Komodo 9 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, please open pull requests instead, that is -exactly- what they are for. You will be credited in the readme.

@nathanr Thanks for the pointer, there. I just hadn’t had a chance to look. I will probably try to do this in the form of a pair of (hopefully) simple macros to change my “profile” (my words) for the two different typical environments where I work.

I want to do it but I’m not able to control releases of spacemodo repo

I can generate a release, all you have to do is ask.

Well, in Komodo 9 rc1 Tomorrow_Dark is a default scheme. Good choice.