Customizing autofill for def method?

So whenever I type something like def for the def method, komodo knows this as me using the def method, and has a window pop down with the def method there like it does for any other method, variable, etc. when I hit enter, then it autofills in

 def name(args)


is there anyway i can customize it so that I can make it autofill what i want it to?

Open right pane, choose Toolbox tab in the pane and navigate to:

Then edit the macro def as you want.

Thanks @Defman. That’s the spot. @Mark_Bouwman, the snippets tool in Komodo is quite powerful. I highly recommend you have a look through some of the examples to see what kind of processing you can do. The ninit snippet in Python (I believe it’s in other langs too) is very cool.

Here’s a blog written by EricP who did most of the implementation for that:

The Make Snippets Smarter section will help the most I think.

  • Carey