Cursor jumps to left-most column

Ever since I started using Komodo, I’ve had the minor but annoying issue of the cursor jumping to the far-left column when I try to click on a new line of code. I usually have to click twice - and if I forget I end up typing text at the beginning of the line instead of the intended insertion point. Is there a way to correct this behavior?

Hi, I’m not sure I follow. So you click somewhere on a non-empty line that is not the beginning of the line, but the cursor is placed at the beginning of the line instead of over the character you clicked?

Yes, that’s exactly right. If I don’t remember to click twice, the next typed text is inserted at the beginning of the line.

Does it happen when you’re in safe mode? (Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe Mode) If not, then perhaps an add-on is causing some problems. I really cannot imagine why this would be happening by default. I certainly haven’t seen it.

I’ll try to look at the conditions the next time it happens. It usually occurs when I’m switching back to the application from another window.