Cursor jumps randomly after changing a tab

I have two files open in Komodo

When moving from one tab to another

The file jumps me to a different place in the document

Did you mean that your cursor changes the position in another tab?

the document view skips to wherever move to another tab

It’s strange. If it moves to a random position - I think it’s a bug. But if it moves to the last position in the tab - I think it’s a normal behavior. @toddw can you say something about that?

here I show how to move from one tab to another passes it moves to a random position

view Demonstration

Any solution? Please …!

It’s a very strange. Very very strange. It would be better if you file a bug on our bugtracker:
Or if you don’t know English - someone can do it instead of you :smile:

Try disabling Word Wrap or Mini map scrolling if you’re using either.

You can find both of those under the View menu.

  • Carey

Apparently only happens when I apply the skin Abyss

That doesn’t sound right. Are you certain? Can you have a look at this bug report and see if it sounds like what you’re experiencing?

  • Carey

It’s something … when I switch between tabs is verticalmete moved to any point of Documet. :frowning:

@kronoz, if it’s not related to the bug I linked than please file a new bug as @Defman suggested.

  • Carey