Cursor is stuck at right side of screen

For some reason, when I scroll my cursor to the end of a line that goes beyond my screen, the cursor goes to the edge of the screen and doesn’t show any characters to the right.

So, I grab the scroll bar, drag it out to the right. That puts the cursor in the middle of the screen. With text on each side of it.

Then, as soon as I type, the screen adjusts and puts the cursor back on the far right and I can’t see anything to the right of the cursor.

I don’t know how it started doing this. How do i turn it back?

Hey @jj.amont,

Thanks for reaching out. You’re looking for Prefs > Editor: Scrolling > Minimum number of columns to keep after cursor.

I’m not sure when/if this changed so I’m having a look a the source.

  • Carey

I am having the same problem!! (I just posted it here: )

The “Minimum number of columns to keep after cursor” setting is not working for me, I tried 0 and 100 columns with the same result.

Thanks, @careyh.

But just like @stramin, I changed the value to 45 and it had no effect. Do I need to restart the app for the change to take affect?

Reopening your files or simply restarting the app should do the trick

Seems like that setting is to show a “margin” between cursor and border, it does what it says, but scroll continues “going back” when I press any key (and it moves backwards when i press “left” key).

It is just like jj.amont says:

I never had this issue before, do you think this could be any windows update issue?
It begun last week, on friday I think.

@careyh This was added as an enhancement:

@stramin Yes, the setting effectively “locks in” the cursor to be X characters away from the right on long lines, no matter how you use the left/right arrow keys. I agree this is annoying and filed a bug:

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I don’t know if this is a feature, setting, bug, windows related, so, I don’t know where to post it.

My komodo was perfect until I format my computer and installed it again, I had and fixed many problems, but this one is so annoying and hard to explain… I hope you can help me.

I have a long code line (wider than screen) and word wrap is off, I can move the mouse to the right side to see the “hidden” code normally, if I keep moving to right I can see the whole code normally too, BUT when I move 1 character to the left, the whole screen follows the cursor hidding the right side again.

In other words, the horizontal scroll is always going to the left side, even when my cursor is on the right edge.

Horizontal scroll is always “pushing” to the left, trying to go back to the left side.

I don’t know how to explain it…