CTRL-Delete no longer works

In Komodo 9, CTRL-Delete no longer works, but CTRL-Backspace does work as usual. Was this functionality taken out intentionally?

I’m not sure what Ctrl+Delete should do, but it works fine to me using default keybiding layout in Komodo IDE, version 9.2.1, build 87634.

Deletes the next word or all consecutive spaces to the right of the cursor (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_of_keyboard_shortcuts#Text_editing)
It was working fine on Komodo 8.

Set the keybinding for Editor: Delete Word Right under Preferences - Key Bindings (It’s Ctrl+Delete for me)

Delete Word Right binding was “None” (for both Default schemes in my Linux and Windows versions).
I just added a new Scheme name, added the “new” binding to it, and it worked.