Create a custom repl

I’d like to use Komodo Edit a read-evaluate-print-loop “repl” editor for a scriptable application I’m developing (in Qt using its JS scriptengine). i.e. It should be possible to select sections of code in the Komodo Edit and use a keystroke to send it to my application for evaluation and receive back results to be displayed in the same or a different window. Communication between Komodo and my app might be done by launching my app as a subprocess and capturing its stdin and stdout. Or communication might be via udp through localhost.

Can this be done in a Komodo Edit extension? Is there an existing Komodo Edit extension I might base this on? If not, what would be the best way to get started on this?

This should get you on your way:

Note that the code used there was for Komodo 8.5, it will likely still work in 9.1 but you could replace much of it with our new SDK’s: