cp1256 charset

dear sears , there is somthing missing in your ide .

its windows cp1256

i notice there are availiabe charset lke Hebrew 1255

and we really need for our development .

how can we apply it .

You can use a Komodo macro to change the encoding manually:


In future versions we’ll include cp1256 in the encoding menus too.

it will be really apperciated , i have tried to do the macro , but i only found a way to record i could not found where to create new macro

and one question , when do you will think your next release that will have support for this

also i see that you modify komodo edit in github , how can i download the last build for mac that have this new modification for komodo

We use nightly builds, that cover fixes like this one:

There should be a new nightly build in the next few days that contains the recent fix (as seen on GitHub).

i have failed with the new macro , i will be wating for the nightly build , i wish you can do it as soon as possible

For using the macro, have a look at http://docs.activestate.com/komodo/8.5/macros.html#macros_managing

i have failed on that , i am not a very proffesional like you guys , i am not that much with advanced tools on editors , any way , i will wait for your nigtly build

The nightly builds now contain this fix - you can choose “Middle East > Arabic” from the file encoding menu in the Komodo statusbar:

thank you very very much , i am downloading it now , and will test it , and give you feedback

when i change to 1256 it give me this error
Internal error setting the encoding for ‘chrome://komodo/content/startpage/startpage.xml#view-startpage’ to ‘cp1256’.

Exception: TypeError: view.lintBuffer is undefined


Komodo Edit, version 8.5.4, build 14370.
Built on Mon Mar 31 08:00:22 2014.

Heh, it’s not meant to be used on the startpage - but on a per-file basis :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also change the Komodo defaults (i.e. for newly created files) in the “Internationalization” preferences.

yes you are right , i have to change the defualt so nothing getting messed up , if i open it with defualt utf-8 and change to cp1256 , it will be converted to quistion marks , and the problem was because i try to change the start page .

Hmmm… does the file open and look correct when opened as utf8? After changing to to cp1256, try closing the file (without saving) and then re-open (Ctrl+Shift+T) the file - does it look correct now?

yes , its seems i saved it before this fix , i tried other file and when i open it and change to cp1256 it open like charm , the rule is not to save it in other encoding but the right one .

can you provide auto charset detection ?