Countless problems in Komodo IDE 9.2 on Win 7 and 10

Hi there,
I really regret that I updated my Komodo this time, as the version 9 is far away from being reliable - as the last 5 version have been.

I’m developing mainly Python/Django apps on two different Windows systems, I’ll collect some of the problems here - hoping that someone will be able to assist.
Problems appeared on both systems, which are not connected together.

Codebrowser in right pane
Since a few days I had problems with codebrowser not showing anything. Nor in a py file neither in a html file.
Restarting Komodo helps sometimes - but switching from one project to antoher kills it again.

Move to Splitview
worked as expected for years, now the file opens on the left side and the rest of the files go to the right…
That’s really annoying :frowning:

Saving Workspaces
does not work for me. When opening a project I get all files back, but splitview is away.

Syntax checking and codebrowsing
is not working reliable. Sometimes I start a project everything works as expected, next time there is no syntax checking (with installed Pylint) anymore. Sometimes the pylintrc is not recognized and so on.

I’m not 100% sure, but as of this writing it looks a little bit like Komodo IDE has massive problems when switching between projects. Maybe it’s not bad, but I’m doing to much work :wink:

I would be very happy if someone could lead me into the right direction to get my reliable Komodo IDE back.

Thanks in advance.

Please try this steps.

First step:

Please check your addons and disable any addons that you do not use. Please take care to only disable addons that have the “uninstall” option (ones that don’t are internal addons and should ideally not be disabled).

Second step (if first does not resolve your issue):

Delete your codeintel folder from your profile folder while Komodo is not running (forcing it to rebuild the database).

Third step (if first and second do not resolve your issue):

See if starting Komodo with default settings resolves the issue.

This basically moves the view to the other part of the split. It seems to work as designed, and I cannot recall making any changes to this in Komodo 9. Perhaps you can explain your workflow?

I do not believe workspaces store split views atm, @careyh?

If you figure out any consistent reproduction cases for what you explained please let us know. For now it kinda sounds like you are more confused by the UX than that you are actually running into a bug. Confusing UX is technically a bug, but we are very much on that already.

I really don’t think this is the case generally speaking for Komodo 9, but it’s certainly possible that your settings are causing you some issues that make it feel that way for you. Try the clean profile “solution” above.

I’m not seeing this. I tried from Open Files file context menu and using the files tab context menu and both times the file moved to the opposite splitpane.

If you used File > Save Workspace then you have to FIle > Open > Workspace. The custom workspace is not what is loaded by Komodo by default when starting or opening a project. And yes, @nathanr splitviews are supported. Just checked and they are working like a charm.

  • Carey

My bad, I assumed wrong.

Hi @careyh and @nathanr,
thanks for looking into this :smile:

I just startet KomodoIDE on Win10, opened my project and got all the opened files back. Fine so far.
Okay, all files are opened without splitview.
Now I go on the filetab, rightclick, Placement > Move to Splitview and the file opens in Splitview on the left side !
Why isn’t it opening on the right side - as it has been?

Regarding the Workspaces:
I just played around with it - with your comments in mind.
Workspaces open everything totally correct (even with the splitview) and the project :sunglasses:

So maybe this is just a little confusing for me, as I shouldn’t use the Open Project anymore.
A Workspace opens the Project and the Workspace - but on the other way round - a project only opens it’s files but doesn’t load the workspace and the splitview.

Will there be a way/plan to get the simple Projectswitching behaviour back?
Usually I have my filestree on the left and Projects under it. Simply clicking another project opening it and reloading the connected workspace would be great.

I’ll check the Profile issues later, when I moved to my other office.


I cannot reproduce this, it opens on the right side for me. Does this also happen on a clean startup (without a workspace restored)?

Correct, a project is not a workspace. A project is a set of preferences (such as what interpreter to use, what type of indentation, etc). A workspace is the “state” your IDE is in, eg. what files are open, in what order are they opened, what panels are open and how big are they, etc.

Note that Komodo can ask you if you want to restore project files when you open it, this is basically a limited workspace functionality. It would be nice if we can make this use the full-on workspace functionality, but as it stands it only restores files, nothing else.

I even cannot reproduce it now. After closing and trying with a fresh startet IDE everything works fine.

Even after several Project / Workspace opening closings everything is fine now…those are the badest errors ever :expressionless:

Yes, I know, but most times I’m using splitview and then it’s annoying to re-split all the needed files. Those are a lot clicks.
I think I’ll stick with my new knowledge about Workspaces.

Agreed, those are the worst. Glad it’s working for you though! Your obvious patience is appreciated @normic.

  • Carey