Correct regex for non-sequential numbers in Edit Replace in files

I’m trying to use “Edit Replace in files” to find/delete a long list of code with non-sequential numbers in them such as :
and on down the file.
I just couldn’t figure this one out !
How can I do that ?
What is the correct regex for this ?

I should note that these are inside a link anchor tag
<a id=“i54”> </a>




If you also want to delete <a> tag, the regex will be


Don’t forget to check “Regex” when searching.

Your regex won’t found something like id=“i1337” :wink:

“Don’t forget to check “Regex” when searching.”

OK ! thanks, that’s what I was over looking. Gheez, all this time over such a simple thing !
Thanks again ! Now it works !

i\d+ does it I think.

@Charles, Glad you’re sorted!

  • Carey
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Yep, you’re right. \d+ works fine!

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With regex it pays to be explicit :wink:

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