Copy the full line

In komodo 8, we could do “ctrl-c + ctrl-v” to copy the current line below.

This is not working in komodo 9.

How can I copy the current line select it ?

@trogne tested it, but it’s still working for me in 9, witch action is not working, the copy or the paste?
And if you use the copy and paste from the menu, do you get the same results?

If you want to duplicate the line to one below, you can also set up a single key binding for this:
Key bindings > Editor: Duplicate line/selection down


Basically what @babobski said; are you able to copy ANY thing? What platform are you on?

  • Carey

I found it. It’s in “Preferences --> Smart Editing” : checkbox “Cut/Copy with no selection will cut/copy the current line”.