Copy and drag and drop features not working

I have just recently purchased the Komodo ver 9. I have upgraded from the ver 4 due to issues with the installation of ver 4 in the Ubuntu environment.

All installed and is working except for two issues.

First if I try to highlight and copy anything (with a right click) the highlighted code is not copied rather the cursor moves down four lines or so and copies that line instead, this is a recurring issue without change.

Second, if I highlight code again and try to drag it to a different area, it does not work, it does not allow for code to be dragged and dropped.

Both of the above issues worked before in Ubuntu when I was running LTS 10, I am noww using LTS 14 and these two things are a huge pain to work around.

Please advise if this is standard now or something that is amiss.


Peter M

This sounds like a known issue with custom DPI configurations. Unfortunately the only known workaround at the moment is to use the default DPI setting. You can still increase font size by simply increasing your OS font size.

How do I revert back ?

Sorry never had an issue like this before, will it be fixed?



Definitely something we’re looking into.

I’m not sure where one would change this in Ubuntu. Check the setting screen where you change your font size?


I have reset my OS font size and this has fixed the issue.