Convert OELs and tabs to spaces

How I can convert OELs to UNIX format in Komodo Xi?
How to convert tabs to spaces I already found.

If it’s multiple files you can use Find/Replace and turn on regex by enabling the * option in the Find/Replace pane, then use \t for tabs you should be able to Find/Replace them all with 4 spaces (or whatever format you might want).

Thanks, I know this way. I asked about EOLs.

Code > Clean line endings should do it.

Not working this way. Suddenly I found that it can be changed via Edit > File Preferences.

Oh you want to change the preferences? You said you wanted to convert the chars, not set a pref. Edit > Preferences > File Opening has that pref as well but thats for files Komodo hasn’t seen yet.

The one you found is the one you want for previously opened files.

And is the way to change EOL automaticaly? On file open for example.

Did you run Clean line endings after you fixed the preference? That should do it.

@MaxA I created a addon that allows you to easily switch EOL’s, It also gives a warning if the files EOL settings is diffrent then the global configuration.

The addon can be found here

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@babobski, do you ever get tired of saving the day? I hope not.

Great, that’s exactly what I need, thanks!