Contacts Pane in Komodo IDE 9

Where is the Contacts Pane in Komodo IDE 9? In v8, it was under the Collaboration tab, but it doesn’t seem to exist in v9. I’m trying to add someone as a contact in order to start a collab session, but neither of us can accept the add request. There’s supposed to be a pop-up notification as well, but that never shows up.


The collab interface was overhauled in 9.2. Please click the gear icon next to the session name and use the “Add Contact” and “Remove Contact” menu options.

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Hope this will be documented in the docs because this change is not so obvious.

I did that. It said that a notification should be shown on the other account that would allow them to accept the contact add. This notification never appears, and there’s no other way to accept an add contact request. It’s… frustrating.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having such trouble :frowning: I know it’s not ideal, but for now perhaps you could downgrade to 9.1, use the old UI to add/accept requests, and then upgrade back to 9.2? We’ll need some time to get this sorted out.

Just launched Komodo, and it finally had those notifications to accept new contacts. Including one from over a year ago! Maybe something got fixed on the backend, as there was no recent local update.