Constant Crashing

My Komodo IDE has never been particularly stable, but lately the incidence of crashing has increased significantly. At one point, ActiveState indicated that the instability was due to the language pre-processor. Is there any way to turn this off? I’m getting awfully tired of having the application freeze up and having to restart - especially if I haven’t saved the most recent work.

Are you on macOS by any chance? There’s an issue with macOS 10.12.4, hopefully 10.12.5 will fix this. You could see if the beta of 10.12.5 helps.


Hi, I don’t know what version of Komodo you are using, or what operating you are on. We fixed a constant crashing issue on OSX in 10.1.4, so please upgrade to that if you haven’t already. If you are on the latest OSX update, as @nathanr pointed out, you may experience random hanging due to an OSX bug :frowning: