Configure Firefox for HTTP Inspecting (IDE only)

This article actual ONLY for IDE and Firefox browser.

  1. Download FoxyProxy Standart from Mozilla addons.
  2. Open FoxyProxy (click on blue/orange dog(or not dog, I don’t know what is it)).
  3. Click on Add in right sidebar (sorry, I have Russian version of FoxyProxy and don’t know truth name of this button).
  4. When you get a very big window, click on 2 radio button (Configure
    proxy or something like this) and enter in “Host or IP-Address” and in “Port” - port that you choose in HTTP-Inspector (at my
    case: 8080)
  5. Go to “URL patterns” (tab #3) and click “Add”
  6. Etner “Pattern name” (It’s not very important part of configuration)
  7. In “URL pattern” enter *localhost* or*
  8. Click OK.
  9. In first tab of FoxyProxy - proxy parameters change color to
    anything, but not dark-blue (it’s used by default proxy and you can be
    That’s all. Run HTTP Inspector to test that all works fine. If you stuck on something - ask in this topic.

Nice information has been posted, really it is useful one.