Concatenate Files


i am searching codetools to manage a big project.

I created lot of functions in js and variables in global scope as this :

c:\project\index.html (who contain all functions)

i would like a tool to add all files in the same file, to use js tools to verify if variables are used or not.

and maybe in second time re-divide the text in differents files.

" function name(){ //code } " create a “name.js” file.

it is a idea.

jshint will tell you if variables are used or not. I’m not sure what you mean by “add all files in the same file”? Sounds like you want a userscript for what you’re doing though, as this sounds like it is a very specific use-case.

I think they wants to bundle function{1,2,3}.js into one file and then pass it to jshint.

Maybe, I’d rather have him clarify than assume something though.

Yes, i wanted a function to join/concatenate files in one big file and to transform this file in js to pass to jshint, to finish with a file that can contain 1000 lines of code or more.

now, I will use “ctrl+h->find” in “Open Files” to search if my variables are used yet or not.

Ok, I think this is defeinitely something you’d want to use a userscript for.