Colors in ksf file

Hello. I’m working on a new scheme for Komodo (Port of monokai, lol) and I have a question.
In the ksf file’s I can see the strings with name of element type and the values (e.g. ‘fore’: 9161707’). But value not like in a CSS (#000000 or smth like this). What does it value?

P.S.:Sorry for my English. I’m from Russia and write on the English is hard for me.

The values in KSF files are the decimal form of “BGR”, as opposed to “RGB”. So for example, in the Default scheme Perl “here documents” are given style 8594211 => 0x832323, which in RGB would be #232383 (the middle two places stay the same).

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@ericp, wow, so easy :smile: Thanks)

Just to add to what @ericp said, if you are editing the .ksf directly you should be able to use HEX color values instead of BGR.

Like 2631720? (#282828) If not, show me a example, please. I have some troubles with english)

No, like “#282828” - you might have luck with other color variations, I’ve never tried.

Let’s say you want to describe shag-carpeting colors from the 1970s, like

Something like “#CCE04A;” in a CSS file.

In a Komodo ksf file you can either write

0x4ae0cc (case doesn’t matter)



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Thanks all, who helped me with my problem) 0xCCBBAA work’s perfectly and it’s easy to write, because i dont must calculate dec to hex :slight_smile:

Ack, my eyes!

Ha-ha :smiley: This color is the best for killing eyes)

YES! I will be rushing to release “K-arpetizer .70” in the next few weeks! :wink:

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I like this color very much :sunny: