ColorPicker size problem

Hi, folks!

I have problems with ColorPicker size when trying to customize something in theme. How i can fix this issue?

MacOS 10.13.1
Komodo IDE 11.0.0, build 90668

Here it is:

Hi, this is a known issue:

Note you can manually resize the dialog to work around this issue.

This thing was first that i tried and i can not do it.

@andreymarchenko did you also see the css workaround?

Thanks, mate. But i don’t want to do it because i think that 147$ IDE should do all simple things like this from the box.

It’s a workaround for a known problem, it will be fixed in the next release. You don’t need to work around it, it’s just an option you have. Any paid product anywhere will have bugs, and potential workarounds.

Note you could also run the latest nightly, which includes the fix: