Color sheme for specific language

I like white or light backgrounds to edit my programs. And when using Perl I get an unreadable color for patterns (reg expression) and I can’t change it. Color schemes are general for a lot of languages and it doesn’t consider the specific code for every one. I think it is a very bad idea to use a generic scheme color for all language and forget specific data for some of them.

You can change color for regex element in Perl. Open Preferences, click on “Show Advanced” (in left bottom of the window), then choose Color Scheme, choose “Language Specific” tab, then choose Perl language in the list of languages, then find “regex” Element type and change the color. Changing color scheme depends on the language is something that should be done with Macros. I’ll try to add this feature through a macro.

Thank you very much, I did not see this tab!!!