Color schemes too rigid

I had always been uncomfortable with needing to created a named “color scheme” just to change some tiny detail. Now I think the named color schemes are too rigid, including too many settings. There should be a separate “skin” or something.

Imagine I want the text to be smaller. I go in to change the text size. I have to create a new, named color scheme to do this (as far as I know).

Then later I decide the current color scheme is too dark/light, so I want to change to another color scheme. But doesn’t that reset all my font sizes as well?

I’m not 100% sure of the best fix here, but I’m pretty sure that the color scheme shouldn’t affect my font size. Just because I want all the colors to change doesn’t mean I want things to be bigger or smaller. Again, this is just something to think about; I don’t yet know what I think the solution should be.

I note that Atom Editor let’s me change the font size on the fly with Ctrl++ and Ctrl±, completely independent of the selected “color scheme”.

Komodo also allows this, but Komodo’s sin is that it doesn’t remember the font size you selected when you restart the program. The only way to do that in Komodo is to create a completely new, named scheme. That’s unnecessary and a big usability hurdle. I want to change my font size on the fly without creating a new color scheme. Just as important, I want to be able to deploy color schemes without forcing font size on users.

Clear win for Atom Editor on this point.

File an enhancement request, please.

This is a great point, I totally agree. Will see what can be done.