Color Schemes -- Old School

I’ve been using Komodo for the better part of a decade, at least since v4, and today upgraded to V9. I just spent the better part of an hour trying to get a color scheme that didn’t look terrible. One of the more frustrating experiences I’ve ever had with a piece of software.

I think you really missed a trick by not including either some default schemes that looked like the old school (V6, 7, 8), or some way to import the colors I used to have.

They are here:

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All well and good, and it’s nice to know. Thank you for that. Wish I had known that a few hours ago, before I wasted all this time tweaking…

It would have been nice to both include those old ones with the new ones (perhaps as an optional pack?) and more importantly, preserve my existing setup on the upgrade.

As it was I went from a nice, clean white theme I’ve had for years and through many upgrades, to some dark, hipster, setup that someone at ActiveState considers cool. :weary:

TIL I am a hipster that likes dark stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

We had a poll on twitter asking people what they preferred. Nearly 50 people responded and the votes were overwhelmingly in favour of the dark scheme. We definitely did not make a big change like that based on one persons opinion. But at the end of the day we all have our own opinions, and while you may have liked the old scheme, many other people strongly disliked it. That’s why you can customize them or download one that fits your liking.

I think you mean goth @clwill

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Sure, I get it. I have two sons who, like me, program for a living. They love the dark look. Good for them.

I have zero problem with making the default theme for new users what it was. I have zero problem with the development of a bazillion themes, most of which are hideous, dark, or both. I think it’s nice that you’re “generous” to provide some random github repository for the themes of old – but I wonder why not there in a folder by default?

My big problem is that I’ve been a user of your product for a decade, purchased update upon update, even defended your product on programming forums. In short, I’ve been loyal to a fault. YET, when I update my existing system with your new whiz-bang version, my old theme is just gone. Poof.

Not preserved through the update. Not even saved somewhere, with an “are you sure you don’t like this better”? Nope, just summarily gone. Good luck, fella, hope you have an hour to spend making one of these hideous things usable so you can actually get some work done.

That’s terrible customer treatment. You guys blew it. Regardless of what the twitter-sphere says.

Your old scheme can be found in schemes folder in the profile folder.

That’s self-evident… :dizzy_face:

Why you called it “random”? :expressionless:

Because Defman21 is so obviously the github repository for everything Komodo.

I quite honestly find that to be a bit of an overstatement. UI’s change, thats just the nature of software. What worked 10 years ago no longer works today. We are providing plenty of opportunity for people to customize Komodo to their liking, to say that we “blew it” by not providing you with deprecated UI is not fair in my eyes.

To be clear; the reason your color scheme was not preserved upon upgrading was because you were using a default color scheme, if you had modified your color scheme it would not have touched your modifications. But because you were using the default packaged color scheme you were upgraded to the new “default”.

I agree with @clwill here. A community members github is not where we point people for resources, @Defman. I see you added it to the Komodo resources page though. That’s great.

@clwill, that would be the Optional pack you mentioned above.

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My repo can be transfered to so you will able to point to the repo because it will be your repo :stuck_out_tongue:

It really doesn’t matter how I had the setup I had. I had it. You changed it. You didn’t tell me what to do about it. And you don’t provide the old schemes as a simple folder or option in the new one.

If I’m overstating my case, you’re understating mine. You moved the cheese, and didn’t provide an easy way to go back.

That is in the dictionary under poor customer service.

I’m sorry you feel you received poor customer service. We pride ourselves in creating a flexible and customizable IDE, perhaps in doing so some of our decisions are made with the thought in mind that the end-user can simply customize it to their own liking if they dont agree with the decision. That said you certainly have a point in that we ought to facilitate the alternative options more, and I promise you that this is an area that we seek to improve upon.

I agree with @clwill that I would have greatly preferred a way to continue using the old default scheme. Like him, I spent too much time trying to customize things back to the way they were, and was very happy to find this thread with a pointer to the old schemes. Note that for me, after copying the old scheme, I had to manually set the font to make it as before.

I just wish I could find a way to restore the left-hand pane background color to the old light gray. Anyone?

I’m not opposed to progress, and I’m glad that Komodo polled a few people before making the changes (although I hope 50 is not a huge sample set of Komodo users). Anyway, I hope this is a lesson learned for Komodo about preserving the ability to use comfortable standards when possible.

All is not bad, though. I was very happy to discover that you could restore old-school menu behavior and permanently leave it visible (so nothing lost), and pleasantly surprised to discover that K9 actually allows breakpoints to be dynamically deactivated when interacting with Google App Engine (something K8 did not support). Just getting started with K9, though, so who knows what else I’ll discover…

There is this experimental classic skin on the resources section:

it has not been updated or tested for Komodo 9 yet, I’ll see if I can find some time this weekend.