Color, alpha, etc., for variable highlighting in color schemes?

Is the color, alpha, pattern, etc., used when automatic variable highlighting is enabled something that can be controlled/specified through the color scheme? If so, which element(s) in the color scheme control that?

Maybe I’m just missing it, but I don’t see anything in either the Color Scheme Editor or in the .ksf file itself that seems relevant… and I’d really like to be able to change it. I’m working on a darkish color scheme and the default handling is a wee bit too subtle.

It’s at the complete bottom of the color scheme editor property list - “Matching Tag”.

Thanks. That helps. Where the tag-matching highlight is transient and not generally in play at the same time, I wasn’t picking up on that entry being used for both.

Thanks! And if anyone had trouble finding it, like I did, that’s Edit -> Preferences -> Color Scheme -> Select tab “Indicators” -> Select dropdown “Indicator” as “Tag matching”.

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