Collaborator wanted

I have decided a few plugins I am going to develop. They are as follows:

  1. A Java plugin for JavaEE, JavaSE. Spring Framework, maven, ant, and gradle.
  2. A dart plugin that features dart syntax highlighting, code intel, dartium, and dart tooling (pub and dart2js) support.
  3. A youtrack plugin for dart that allows you to create, read, update, and delete tasks and issues.
  4. A cloud foundry plugin that allows you to connect to other CF hosts besides Stackato.

Now I’m really new to Komodo extending, so I need help. I want to know if anyone would like to collaborate with me to complete these projects. I am open to using Github, Google code, Bitbucket, or anything else for SCM.

If you are interested reply here or email me at

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Good luck with this James! We’re happy to help on the forums or IRC if you run into issues :slight_smile:

If you still interested in doing that - I’m also want to add Maven and Java support for Komodo :wink: