Collaboration and connection

does anyone has experience with collaboration in komodo ide 9.2? Not sure what I am doing wrong, but it’s not working on my side (on Linux). I create session and as soon as I share file, it says “Collaboration encountered a connection problem”. After that I don’t have list of session nor I can “Unshare file”. Did some editing on file while waiting to reconnect and unfortunately I can not save file locally also! Collaboration never reconnected by itself. Tried clicking “Force reconnect”, but same thing. Is this bug in komodo ide 9.2 or I need to setup firewall, forward some port on router or something? Anyway, I should be able to close session, or at least save file on my computer if connection fails… Any ideas?


Are you able to create a new, empty document for a session? (Click the gear icon next to the session’s name and select “New Empty Document”.) I believe collab uses standard HTTP and HTTPS ports, so a firewall should not be causing any problems.

I think there is a problem with file size. Is there a limit of file that is going to be shared? If I create new empty doc in session, it’s ok, or if I share small file it’s still ok, or it “disconnects” and “reconnects” quickly. But if I share some bigger file (I need collaboration for bigger files, not for tiny ones), then I am stuck like in image:

and can do nothing but exit komodo ide and then after restart delete file from session (if I don’t I can’t save it even localy). Any ideas or someone will confirm this as a bug?

There is a limit of 1 million characters for sharing collab docs, but Collab should alert you with a dialog if you exceed this limit. How many characters are in your files? (Or how many KB in size are the documents you want to share?)

Because Komodo stores shared files on ActiveState servers or there are another reasons? Just want to know :smile:

It’s php class around 260K (utf-8)

Another thing that’s very important, and that’s bug fo sure. If there is no connection or similar, I must be able to close session or “unshare” file from session, or at least to save it locally. Can’t do any of that while waiting for “reconnect” (force reconnect does nothing)

Hi, when you get a chance would you please log these two issues separately on our bug tracker?

These issues need to be looked into further. Thanks so much.