CodeIntel Scan root directory or directory list?

Is it possible to configure Komodo IDE 11 to not scan my entire C drive? As it stands, it’s prompting me to scan the entire drive and it’s even including the C:$recycle.bin folders which makes no sense. Thanks.

Komodo scans what you point it at, it shouldn’t prompt you to scan your entire C:\ drive unless that’s where you pointed it. Which you probably shouldn’t do :wink:

So to answer your question: Be more specific in how you use Komodo. Aim it at project directories, not at the root of your drive.

Hmmm… well in this case I just opened Komodo IDE after installing it for some general purpose editing (as in I didn’t create a project explicitly). I get your point though. I still think it’s better to expose a scanned directory list to users both for understanding and fine grained control.

Appreciate the response…

I’m not sure I follow. We do this.

OK. I must be missing something then. Where, in the user experience of Komodo IDE does it show me what’s actually being scanned?

For example, SlickEdit has a user experience for managing all of the tags used for code intel…


Komodo will prompt you with the directories that are to be scanned when you open a project or switch directories. It only does this if it has to scan more than 50 files, anything under and it will just go ahead and scan them without prompting.

As for managing them, aside from the project directory or the current working directory you can add directories via Preferences > Languages > … (name of language). Each language has its own import directories.

Thanks for the clarification.