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Hola Saludos desde Chile
Hasta una semana atras podia ver los metodos y atributos de clases construidas en un framework que estoy desarrollando, esto es muy comodo para mi.
Resulta que ahora solo veo los metodos y atributos de la clase donde estoy trabajando.
Como puedo activar este autocompletado nuevamente.
Estoy usando Komodo Edit 9.

-------------------- Translated into the Englishman with google ----------------------------------

Hello Regards from Chile
Up to one week behind podia to see the methods and attributes of classes
constructed in a framework that I am developing, this is very
comfortable for my.
It turns out that now only I see the methods and attributes of the class where I am working.
Since I can activate this one autocompleted again.
I am using Komodo Edit 9.
Thank you

Hi Pedro, unfortunately I do not speak Spanish and your translated message does not make a lot of sense to me.

Not sure I understand what he means, but seems like he don’t get classes and attributes for other classes when he’s working with a specific class (even if he have included it in the file where he’s working).

Google’s default “guesslation” was pretty bad, but I think Defman’s interpretation is close. I ran the original text through guesslation again and polished it up using my hardcore (“hard” as in “crusty”) high-school Spanish skills! Behold:

Hello, greetings from Chile. Until a week ago I could see the methods and attributes of classes built on a framework that I’m developing. It is very convenient for me. It turns out now I only see the methods and attributes of the class where I am working. How can I enable this auto-complete again? I’m using Komodo Edit 9. Thanks.

I hope you don’t mind if I post something in Spanish, asking for some language-neutral details like a screenshot or log file.

Hola, @pedro1958 . Lo siento para su problema. Mi Español es muy mal, pero queremos ayudar.

El descripción de la problema es claro. Ahora necesitamos información adicional.

  • ¿Utiliza de Windows o otro?
  • ¿Puede escribir más sobre su projecto y el framework?
  • ¿Donde están en relación a su trabajando?
  • ¿Puede mandar/publicar una captura de pantalla? Es una lengua universal (más o menos).
  • Por favor, mira el registro (“log file,” yo no sé la palabra). Usted puede encontrar problemas allí.


I’ll err, let you handle this. Thanks @ervulems! :slight_smile: You rock.

Fwiw if all else fails: try resetting the codeintel database by deleting it from your profile folder while Komodo isn;t running. Komodo will rebuild it the next time you start.

Also: Neither Komodo nor it’s competition can keep up with some of the magic autoloading in some of the PHP frameworks out there. You could try an IDE helper such as:

if all else fails: try resetting the codeintel database…

Great, thanks for the tip. I’m hoping it comes down to deleting the folder, setting a preference, or the like.