Codeintel no longer working in ver 10

I have already deleted the old codeintel database, I followed these instructions:

I am running Linux Mint 17, coding with PHP
Test 1:
ctrl+click on a function name in a class.

Expected result:
In previous versions, the parent class that contained the function name would be loaded, and scrolled directly to the function defintion.

Actual result:
Scrolls to the top of the current document.

Test 2:
Writing code “$this->” then press ctrl+enter

Expected result:
Code completion list shows classes from parent class.

Actual result:
Code completion list shows only functions from current class.

Additional notes:
I still have Komodo 9 installed, and I can confirm, with the same project files, the same code base, everything is is the same, and the above tests work correctly with the expected results.

Has something major changed from version 9 to 10? Do I need to alter preferences or settings to get codeintel to work with the new editor?

I really like Komodo, but this is a deal breaker if I can’t get it working.

Could you file a bug report at this link please:

Please copy all the information you’ve written here into that ticket as you’ve literally done most of the work in writing a report here. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the devs are away this week because of Christmas-New Years break so they might not respond right away. But they will be back next week.