Code section in the right pane empty when editing C++

Good afternoon!

I have used Komodo IDE for several years now due to the great editing and debugging features for Perl. Recently, I started developing C++ and encountered a problem: The code tab in the right pane is completely empty whereas when editing Perl it contains functions, global variables etc.

Komodo IDE correctly recognizes the file as C++ and even lists the functions when I click the breadcrumbs(?) bar above the editor window, so filling the code tab should be possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


C++ is only partly supported, it is not one of the languages Komodo targets for full IDE capabilities.

That said, in Komodo 11 (not yet available) the C++ symbols will also show in the symbol browser.

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Hi Nathan!

Thank you for the quick reply and the positive forecast of a solution for my problem/feature request. Is there a (rough) idea when Komodo IDE 11 will be available?


It’d be available in this year.