Code profiler python?

Hi, I hit on the button “code profiler” in the Tools menu.

I would like to try this feature, for python programs.

It asks me “Please Load a profile”. Could you help me with setting up this feature? If it is still relevant, as the instruction video, that I found on youtube is quite old…

Thanks, Quintijn

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I do the profiling usually with with @profile(filename=...) that then stores the result in a file which you might be able to open with the code profiler.

There’s also

caveat: haven’t use those for a while now

Hey @quintijn,

Please have a look at the docs for the feature as I’d just be copy and pasting that here: Code Profiling.

Have a look at that and see if you can get it working. If not, please feel free to ask a specific question here.

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Also, good to see you @agroszer!

Thanks for leading me to the @profile trick. I read about it before, but did not try it yet. It works wonderful.

The Code profiler of Komodo is not useful for Python anymore, I would think, unless it can interpret the data from this profilehooks package, started with the @profile decorator.

For me this is not needed, but an upgrade of the help files would be a good thing for future users looking for this.

Thanks, Quintijn

Morning @quintijn,

I’m confused. Did you try the Komodo profiler? I just did and it works fine. What needs to be changed?

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