Code Panel parsing error; Code Panel not showing code outline (Python 3)

I am getting a nasty ‘RED X’ where the code outline should be. When I hover over the ‘X’ the error message reads :

error scanning ‘’: unexpected error scanning ‘’:
(/Applications/Komodo IDE 8/Komodo IDE in advance)

I’ve just noticed this problem lately. All the files having this problem seem to be fine otherwise. No errors in the file. Execution of the affected files are correct.

Also, the code drop down menu located in the status bar does not work on these files. I assume its the same or related problem.

This seems to be happening to recently created files.

I did recently make a change in my preferences to make python 3 code work properly with printing out of unicode (UTF-8) characters. see post in old forum at Could this have anything to do with this problem?

Anyway, its a real pain. And it makes working on groups of files painfully slow -checking back and forth to make sure function names and parameters are correct.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you provide the contents of a file that is causing this issue for you, so that we may try and reproduce it?

The smaller the file the easier it will be for us to reproduce the problem and figure out what the cause is.


I believe I’ve figured it out. I’ve always liked extra space around my parenthesis and brackets. I find it much easier to read the code quickly, even though it is not considered to be a best practice – it’s probably frowned upon. Anyway, I removed all the extra spaces and every thing seemed to resolve. What was really strange was that it was only a problem for handful of files, most files seemed to be represented perfectly correct in the code outline even though they had the added spacing.

So, I spent some time tweeking colors and boldness in the “Fonts and Colors” preferences to increase the contrast between different types of keywords and operators in an effort to increase readability without the additional spacing.
And, I’ve reached an acceptable set of styles – all is good again!