Code completion jumps at undesired positions

I installed KE 8.5.3 on my windows 8.0.

I’m currently using it with PHP, css, and Javascript files. Whenever i click CTRL + SPACE or the code intel automatically appears, the edit window scrolls at some lower position, often losing the sight of the typing cursor.
This appens for almost all files that are longer than the view window. I can’t use Komodo edit any more this way.
I searched for this bug and I see that something very similar happened to Komodo IDE users.

My installation is pure, no plugins. I discovered this bug soon after the installations and the first editing.

I had it installed in another Windows 8 (maybe it was KE 8.5.2 but I honestly can’t remember): everything worked fine.

Try CTRL+J for code completions.

Hey Mizar,

This is a known issue that has since been resolved. The nightly builds I’ve linked to should resolve your issue.

  • Carey