Code completion for multi word css properties

Is there any way to enable code completion similar to what’s in Brackets where you can begin typing a css property, then you can filter the results by typing in any letter?

For example, I type;


At this point I will start getting all kinds of completion hints for the various border properties. In brackets I can immediately type a “b” after “bor” (leaving me with “borb”) and it will filter the list and display border-bottom at the top. I can drill down even further and type “borbs” and I will get border-bottom-style as the autocomplete option.

I find this saves a lot of time because it significantly reduces the number of keystrokes needed to type properties.

There is no such feature. But for this type of auto-abbreviations you can use Emmet. For example you can expand bdbrrs to border-bottom-right-radius:. Emmet cheatset:
Download Emmet (with Komodo 9 compatibility):