Code collapse/fold feature not visible

Hello, I’m trying Komodo Edit, version 11.0.2, build 18122, platform linux-x86_64. Built on Mon Dec 4 16:56:06 2017 for editing Python 3 code on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the +/- markers and code folding/collapse feature isn’t visible. I’ve looked through the Preferences for configuration options but I don’t find anything. Help will be appreciated.

Hi, try Edit > Preferences > Editing > Smart Editing > Folding.

Thank you, kindly, for the reply!! I hadn’t found that configuration, but changing some options there didn’t have any affect. It was set to display square trees for the default mark style, so I changed that to +/- and restarted Komodo Edit, but there was no change in the display. I also checked the three other options under Folding, clicked OK and again restarted, but nothing shows in the code window??

Hi, the fold marks (assuming the code is eligible for folding) appear immediately to the left of the code and to the right of the line number margin. Your color theme may also prevent you from easily seeing the fold marks. (My “base16_light” theme for example makes it very difficult to see fold lines.)

Thanks, mitchell. Changing the color scheme was about the first thing I tried. I went from the dark default to the lighter Redmond scheme, but I couldn’t see the marks. But, upon your suggestion, I tried some other schemes, and as it turns out, the marks were there in ALL the themes. They’re just set so light that I can’t see them from my normal viewing distance on this monitor. So, I might play with some customization to get some better contrast.

Thanks, very much, for your helpful suggestions!! I feel like a bit of a ditz, but I truly couldn’t see them even though the rest of the interface was perfectly clear.

That’s okay. I don’t blame you. It’s hard to see something when you don’t know what you’re looking for!

HAHA! Well, I knew what I was looking for as I was following a tutorial, and the marks were VERY clear on the instructor’s interface. I just expected to see the same details. But, it’ll be all good as soon as I tweak the colors. Actually, adjusting the contrast on my monitor helps considerably.