Code browser not working, or how to manually trigger it

How can we trigger the code browser when it doesn’t work? In Linux, I can reliably replicate this (for a few years now), by checking out new code from git. It updates the code, and then the code browser is hosed. I saw another post saying there was a bug fixed, but since I update the IDE regularly it must not have applied to Linux.
So, my question is: Can I manually trigger the code browser somehow? It apparently scans/runs something when I start the IDE. Can I call this myself when it messes up?
Also, I seem to get this same thing (today) by opening a second window, but it doesn’t load even the parent element or filename of the PHP class like in my last ticket.

Reference: Code widget functions disappear
Code browser not working

What version of Komodo are you using? The code browser was completely rewritten in Komodo 11, so it seems unlikely that you would be able to reproduce the exact same bug.

Komodo IDE, version 10.2.3, build 89902, platform linux-x86_64. Built on Tue Jul 11 12:41:00 2017.

The newer version (11) does appear to work better. Unfortunately, I doubt I could get my employer to pay for another license. I’m reluctant to anyhow since I’m basically paying hundreds of dollars for a bug fix.

Can you specify what you mean by this? It seems very unlikely you are experiencing the same issue, so I’m guessing you’re running into something else.

I’m sorry but upgrading to 11 would in fact be the fix to this. We do not maintain older versions unless there are huge breaking bugs and even then it’s not likely. We do offer an upgrades and support subscription to always keep you current, but really the cost of an IDE is peanuts compared to all the other regular operating costs developers tend to have, and we do have to make a living.