Check out our new SDK Documentation


We’re going to be having some in-depth blogs about our SDK, but until then I figured I’d simply mention that we have an all new up to date SDK documentation section on our all new documentation site:

This is mainly for referencing our API’s, though we intend to expand it with useful tutorials.

If you’re interested in developing addons also check out the Addon Bootstrapper project.


@manngo, I feel like you were asking for the most recent SDK docs not too long ago.
Also @mjross, you’ll love this.


Wow, I’m loving this guys.
It is really looking great!!


Woo-hoo! :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this effort.

I’m looking forward to reading those future blog posts and tutorials.


What would be the best way to report any errata that we discover? (I didn’t want to assume that it was the same method for reporting bugs and other issues in the program itself.)


For now we’ll use the same bug tracker.


That’ll work. Thanks.