Changing locals while debugging at breakpoint (python)

I can use “inspect” to change a variable (e.g.‘new name’). Then I have to hit “inspect” again so that I can continue debugging. This works.

But if I’m using “Locals” (next to “Watch”), double click "name"and change the value, then the debug session is ending.

Why the debug session is ending after I change the “name” value while I’m stopped at a breakpoint?

Could you provide a code sample for posts like these? Yes I can try to repro with the info here but a code sample with steps to follow streamlines things.

Any way, checking!

  • Carey

I’m not able to reproduce this.

blah = "blah"
foo = "foo"
print(blah) # breakpoint here, change `blah` to `anything`

Once the breakpoint is hit:

  • I double click blah and change it

  • press play button to continue debugging

  • debugger prints changed value and finishes properly

  • Carey

All works fine now.

I don’t know what’s going on with me this week. Sorry to lose your time.

This can be closed.

There’s only the issue with python3 file type that remains (“file.”, no suggestions). This one I tested enough (again now).

No worries @trogne. Thanks for getting back to me.