Changing 'Current File Settings' for multiple files

I’ve got a directory with about 80 Tcl files that need to have the ‘Prefer Tab characters over spaces’ setting changed.

I can manually do this by opening each file and using the ‘Current File Settings’ menu to change them, but that gets tiresome when you are looking at 80 files.

Is there a way I can do this in a big batch?

I’m using Komodo Edit 8.5 on Linux x86_64.

Yes, create a project of your files and change the tab settings in your project settings. For more information you can check out this screencast:

I watched the screencast and tried what you suggested, but did not observe any changes to the tab settings of my files.

It seems pretty straight-forward, so I’m not sure why it was not effective.

Did you turn off auto-detect?

Is “auto-detect” the ‘Allow file contents to override Tab and Indentation settings’ checkbox?

I think that was my problem. After de-selecting that checkbox in a different project, I found that all the files were following the project setting of ‘Prefer Tab characters over spaces’.

Yep that’d be it. Glad it worked out for you :smile: