Change color of arrows in hierarchical lists in places and tools panel

Can anyone identify the open and close element/elements used in the hierarchical lists in the places and tools panel. And secondly, where I might go to change the their color. I prefer a light theme and the elements are rendered in white which makes no sense in a light color scheme. I have tried all the light color schemes and they all render the elements as white. I’ve included a screen shots of the elements in question for clarity. The screen shot shows the same area with both a dark and light theme. You can see the elements are colored for a dark theme and need to be changed for a light theme. Some light themes you can’t see them at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

After a couple of hours of digging around I found the two icons/images that are used for the opened and closed indicator elements. If anyone else would like to know on a MAC they are located, starting at the KomodoIDE directory in the Users Application Support directory:



So, after making a copy of them, I changed their color in photoshop and they are now much better suited for a light theme.

Its seems to me there should be a better way of handling this.

Those icons as the name suggests are generated, your change will be overwritten as soon as you change your color scheme. I think this is what you want: