Can't view whitespace characters

Komodo 8.5
Using [edit-preferences-editor], the ‘General’ section has no effect.
‘Show Whitespace’, ‘Show EOL’, and ‘Show Line Numbers’ are all non-functional, even through restarting Komodo and Win7.
Also ‘Cursor Options’ doesn’t work, although I care not about that capability.
Other sections of preferences seem to work fine.

help --i mest be duing somtin stoopid!

Check if your “Edit > Current File Settings…” are overriding your global settings. You might be able to turn this off, I know indentation is (supposed to be) hierarchical.

@davestewart is correct although you’d need to be setting those prefs explicitly on the file or project levels for them to be able to override the global prefs. You can control the Project preferences under Project > Properties.

If this does not give you the answer, could you post your log file right after changing your prefs? You can obtain your log file via Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File.