Can't switch to the second bookmark

If you create a bookmark with Ctrl+Shift+2, komodo won’t jump to it when you press Ctrl+2 because it is a default combination for Uncommenting the code. I unbound it, but komodo still won’t jump. So how to fix it ans is there a key combination in komodo that comments/uncomments code depending on it state?

What platform are you on and what version of Komodo are you using (Help > About Komodo, Komodo > About Komodo on OSX) @jsnjack?

It’s working as expect on Windows and OSX. I don’t have a Linux machine to test on but Linux and Windows keybindings should be very similar.

ADDENDUM: Oops, forgot your other question. Komodo uses two commands to explicitly comment or uncomment a line/string/section.

  • Carey

@careyh thank you for the answer. I use komodo on Linux, my version is:
Komodo Edit, version 9.3.0, build 16396, platform linux-x86_64

I reinstalled Komodo and it works as expected. Probably some configuration conflicts between komodo 9.3 and 9.2

That very well could have been the issue. Glad it’s working for you.

Note: the commando to un-comment is the same as the command to comment but you add the SHIFT key. We do have an enhancement request for turning it into a Toggle command but it’s not very high on the priority list I’m afraid.

  • Carey

Thanks, @careyh!