Cant save .js

In my project i have .php and .js;
i edit them remote on my test-server. All files are set to user/user with 644;
everything is fine for .php; i can open, edit, save;
but to save an .js, i have to close it, wait for “Save yes/no” click “yes”.

Why i cant save .js? Why there is no error message?

How can i stop komodo 12 behaving like this, please?

Ok, it seems i CAN save the .js-files; but they are signed with an * behind the file_name in the editor. When i want to close them, komodo asks for saving. Why?

I can only make an informed guess about this problem.Sometimes,Komodo IDE12 doest not work well with .js files without a Node.js installation on your computer.Installing Node.js on your machine might fix the problem. You could use “Get Node.js for Windows” in the Google search box to get the file you need to install.The problem might disappear after you have installed Node.js.Good luck.

This is extremely unlikely to fix anything. Komodo runs a silo’d Python install for file saving and a “silo’d” JS interpreter in Mozilla (which is the application framework Komodo is built on).

@anjade, I’d need more information about HOW you’re coming to your conclusions of what you think is happening. ie. You say “it seems I CAN save the .js file but”, how are you determining that the file was saved? It’s more likely related to your remote connection. The files are on a remote server, correct?