Can't PUSH (Publish) to server, only on some files

I Published all my php files to server at start. All was good.
Then I modified several files. and Published each file individually… All was good
Then I tried to push another file that I modified and could not, Publish Current file is greyed-out. Also on the tab of the file I only get a single icon instead of 2.

If I try to sync up again using TOOLS > Publishing > myProject… Then the file gets pushed. and I checked the server, it is there with my latest changes. I closed Komodo, restarted and reopened the problem file… it still WON’T show 2 icons, meaning I can not publish is using the single file push.

Am new to komodoide, so maybe am missing something???

Any Ideas why?


Nevermind, I found my problem… The Directory is case sensitive… it was causing my problems