Can't install KIDE 9.0 alpha on my windows box

Windows 8.1. I’ve got 8.5.3 and 8.5.4 nightly running side by side. I’m always using the nightly, as it has fixes I need (looking forward to the next nightly.)

When I try to install the 9.0 alpha, however, I get an error message that it’s already installed and that I have to remove the previous version first. It’s not already installed.

I see that same message if I forget to uninstall the previous nightly before installing the latest nightly, but this is the first time I’ve tried to install the alpha. I have no intention of uninstalling 8.5.x in order to test out the alpha. But I really would love to take a peek at it!


Seem like it might be conflicting with the 8.5.x branch of nightlies - @toddw will need to have a look.

Thanks for the report. Yes - I had not updated the installer id (so it’s was the same as Komodo 8.5).

Just updated them:

so the next Komodo 9 nightly build will use a different guid.