Can't drag/drop toolbox items

According to the docs I should be able to drag/drop toolbox items to reorder them, put them into folders, etc. I’m certain I’ve done this in the past. Now when I drag/drop an snippet it doesn’t get moved. Instead I get a dialog titled “Opening a Komodo Tool File…” that says “Import Komodo Tool into Komodo?” What am I doing wrong?

Thought I would create a new folder and see if I could drag/drop to that. I can. So the problem was only changing the order of things that aren’t in folders.

I can’t find any docs that say this. Do you have the link? I only found this:

" To move tools: Drag tools or directories between folders and toolboxes or cut/copy paste anywhere in the Toolbox sidebar."

Though I guess it does only say that you can do this with folders.

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