Can't access template properties to add keybinding

Hello all.
I’ve create a template and successfully added it to the Toolbox. Now I’d like to create a keybinding for it. The docs say that I should be able to access the Template “Properties” by right clicking on the template in the toolbox. However, I don’t see Properties as an option. As a matter of fact, even if I add some of the pre-existing Sample templates, I’m not able to access their Properties. I do see “Properties” if I right click a Snippet, Userscript or Macro, but not Templates.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another way to add a keybinding to a template in the toolbox?

I think the dev that wrote that documentation must have copied over the text from another toolbox item, because as far as I am aware templates never had properties.

I’ve added a bug for this here (including a workaround):