Cannot change directory


Something very strange is happening: I’m trying to add a simple ftp site to Komodo IDE 10.2 servers, nothing fancy but a url, ftp, port 21, user and password, passive

When I try to connect to this new FTP site Komodo seems to freeze but after a while it shows an alert saying “Cannot change directory”

By the way, with the same settings the ftp connects without a blink with CuteFtp and Dreamweaver

Please help me, I don’t wanna go back to SW :frowning:

Ciao and thanks,


Komodo IDE, version 10.2.3, build 89902, platform win32-x86.

Would it be possible for you to share the connection details with us in our support email? if that’s ok. Please references this forum post.

This will be easier to diagnose if we can reproduce it internally.

  • Carey

Done! Thank you Carey

Also, if it’s an option, please try a different protocol like SFTP or SCP.

  • Carey


Tried both, but both SFTP or SCP require a publickey, the server doesn’t allow password authentication

By the way, I tested the connection with Komodo Edit (latest version) on a different PC (but same LAN) and it gives the same problems

Ciao and thank you,



Very very very sorry for the delay. I’m looking at this now. Hopefully can at least give you some hints of what’s going on. I am able to reproduce the issue. Thank you for sharing the FTP connection for debugging.

I will report back.

  • Carey

Update. I am not able to connect to @Edoardop’s server using Komodo but I am able to connect to other servers. I’m getting the following error in the logs:

[2017-09-08 17:18:24,131] [ERROR] koFTPConnection: FTP do_changeDirectory ERROR: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

I will need server side logs to see what that is about I think.

  • Carey