Can we spread Komodo's awesome collab features?

I love the Komodo collaboration features, but I have people on my team using Visual Studio, Jetbrains IDE’s and Eclipse. Is there a way a plugin could be created for these other IDE’s that would allow us to access the toolbox and other cool Komodo collaboration features from these IDE’s as well as Komodo?

I’m not sure. Collaboration technology ain’t open-source (because it’s part of IDE, which is closed for us and only Komodo devs can edit the code) so I don’t see any way to create a plugin for other IDE’s. As workaround you can buy a server and use Publishing feature for synchronize your edits with other, but it’s not Collaboration at all.

We may at some point open source a certain portion of the collab code such that other devs can make that possible, but facilitating functionality in competing products isn’t exactly what we’re here for.

That said we are working on a lot of ideas around collab that would make working with people that do not own Komodo IDE possible/feasible.

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